MMG Engineering Associate (PVT.) LTD

MMG Engineering is a global design engineering consulting firm. Outstanding solutions, innovations and value characterize our work. As professional consultants we have a vast pool of technical expertise across the world, enabling us to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Utilizing a team approach, and combining engineering skills, responsive project management and the most current technology in computer-aided design and drafting, MMG professionals fine tune design to meet each individual client’s need and budget. The result is a successful project every time.

Our philosophy emphasizes the integration of safety, energy efficiency, convenience, maintainability, compliance, environmental and economics of each project.


We create value for our clients by combining technical excellence and business acumen with in depth knowledge of our client’s industries. It is this combination that defines our distinctive brand of consulting.

Whether you require analysis of existing systems, design for a new facility, or renovation/upgrade of existing mechanical, electrical or power generation systems, MMG Engineering can design the mechanical, electrical and power systems (MEP solutions) for your projects.


MMG provides advance multi-discipline solutions and consulting services, focusing mainly on the power industry, industrial buildings and process industry…..


MMG will provide accurate, high quality services tailored to individual project requirements. Our team is an extension of your own staff. MMG Engineering adds value through responsiveness, field experience, and timely technical solution.

From concept sketches, as-built and final design drawings to analysis and project documentation, we emphasize clear presentation of information, accuracy and close attention to schedules. We pride ourselves on our ability to interface smoothly with engineering, operations, maintenance and craft personnel.

MMG works to minimize capital costs, maximize plant availability and ensure ease of construction and maintenance. We measure our success by your satisfaction..

MMG emphasizes a quality conscious culture and is committed to continuously improving its processes. As a part of that commitment, it is ISO 9000 : 2000 certified.

Engineering Consultants

It is the goal of every company to minimize input and maximize output. This creates the biggest margins for profit and propels growth. However, it isn’t always easy to gauge where a company could add more efficiency to its system. This is where MMG Engineering Private Limited’s engineering consultants step in.
Our engineering consultant will analyze clients’ requirements or problems and convert them into innovative systems, designs, or tools. They will typically supervise all improvements and track the progress of the project’s schedule, from the early prototype phase to its conclusion. If the training of the employees is needed, they will do that too so that after the project is complete, the internal team can take over.
Engineering consultants are specialists who contribute to the analysis, creation, and improvement of network infrastructure to increase efficiency and decrease expenses and/or manpower. Engineering consultants undertake brief assignments for a variety of clients. They’re hired to supervise a particular project instead of working internally for a corporation. After the project ends, consultants work with other clients.

Engineering consultants visit clients, manufacturers, local authorities, and architects to foster connections and build networks. These meetings help them understand the client’s needs and the materials that they’ll require. They also notify the client of the project’s progress at regular intervals.
This position of Project Logistics Organization includes overseeing and planning the mission’s logistics, like managing the supply chain. Engineering consultants examine the procedures in place to locate areas that might be enhanced or address problems as they develop.

Responsibilities And Duties Of Engineering Consultants

Hiring an engineering consultant is financially feasible because they work with companies for a short time. Instead of having long-term placement, an engineering consultant might be hired on an as-required basis with flexible terms. They’re also less risky to hire than hiring someone full-time. A full-time worker requires a bigger investment and training, and it can take a long time to fill the position. In comparison, engineering consultants can get started right away, incurring no upfront costs when the contract is signed. Hiring one can save resources and saves time that extends beyond the completion of the project.
Engineering consultants contribute knowledge from a range of fields, building dimensions, and project types. Every stage, from planning to development, can benefit from this prior information and expertise. The advantage of having encountered a variety of issues and being able to resolve those issues can be a fantastic source of information and competence.
When making constructive suggestions, an engineering consultant must be independent and impartial. Projects can benefit from the innovative ideas and creativity that can be brought by enlisting the help of an independent engineering consultant who has experience in the field.
An engineering consultant fills the gap between the client’s methods of implementation and their expectations. They oversee the completion of your industrial project within the allotted period. Engineering consultants are essential to companies for analyzing and solving problems.