Company Newsletter – August 2022

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We at MMG Engineering Associate have been on a journey for 28 years to develop and provide efficient energy and engineering solutions while remaining true to our motto of trying to build a better world and minimizing carbon and heat waste. We have successfully completed many projects with our clients to provide sustainable sources of energy that best suit their needs. Along with this, we have kept ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the energy industry.

Attending The Prestigious FEA Exhibition and Summit 2022

  • We at MMG Engineering believe in staying up to date with the latest developments and technologies that will aid us in forming energy solutions that are both high in efficiency and friendly to the environment.
  • Our Managing Director Muneer Godil attended the Future Energy Asia Conference 2022 in Thailand. Speakers from across the globe were present at the FEA Summit to discuss the energy market’s future, focusing on the decarbonization of the transportation industry. Our MD, Muneer Godil, met with vendors and developers from Japan, Italy, and Thailand to discuss energy-efficient technology and developments.
  • Among other state-of-the-art technology, a few things that stood out the most was Gas Compression equipment by a paramount Japanese vendor. He also discussed higher efficiency thermal heaters and boilers with the leading boiler supplier Cannon Bono Energia, Italy.

Newly Installed Projects and Energy Plants

  • MMG Engineering has recently had the pleasure of successfully planning and executing an 8MW gas-based engine power plant with CHP (Co-generation) at Liberty Mills LTD, Nooriabad.
  • We have commissioned the Terry Plant, which contains 144 Picanol Air Jet Looms, at Fazal Dyeing at Feroz Wathwan. Thus, setting a higher standard for our LEED-certified projects.
  • Visitation to a more than 10MW solar power system at Fazal Cloth Units 7, 9, and 10 that we had previously installed. This solar power system has been energized and is now fully functional.

Centrifugal Compressor Plants 

The developments in the energy industry are rapidly moving forwards and improving with every passing day. Centrifugal compressors are installed to increase energy efficiency.

  • At Zaman Textile Mills, MMG Engineering successfully commissioned two 1.2MW Centrifugal Compressors for their futuristic Picanol Airjet Looms.
  • Similarly, we also planned and installed a centralized centrifugal compressor as part of the energy conservation project. It was installed at Premium Textile Mills, Nooriabad, and is currently leading to power-saving up to 75KW!