Company Newsletter – December ‘22

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We at MMG Engineering have been at the forefront of creating sustainable energy for nearly thirty years. We keep ourselves up to date on the new technological advancements in the energy business. Our company remains consistent with its vision & promise, giving clients top-notch energy administrations and engineering solutions while remaining aware of energy’s effect on the environment and climate. 

MMG’s priority has always been to be mindful of its carbon footprint, reflected by the cutting-edge engineering solutions, designs, and creative ventures we execute. We never compromise our obligations and tailor our services to every client’s requirements.

Installation of Condensate Recovery Pump

  • One of the latest projects we have supervised and completed under MMG Engineering is the installation of a condensate recovery pump at Premium Textile Mills Ltd.
  • Condensate recovery pumps play a big role in reducing the costs of water treatment by returning hot condensate to boilers.

Commissioning of Large MVS Spinning Project

  • We at MMG Engineering have recently commissioned the latest MVS Spinning Project.
  • Team MMG successfully completed the spinning mill MEP & CHP engineering at Nooriabad.

Designing of Utilities System for Fabric Processing Mill

  • MMG Engineering’s design team executed the design and installation of the complete utilities system for a textile processing mill in Kotri.
  • Our team managed the entire process for the denim processing mill belonging to one of the leading textile factories in Kotri

4MW HFO-based Power Plant Containers

  • A textile mill in Karachi approached MMG Engineering for the instalment of large power plant containers.
  • We arranged and completed the installation of brand new plug&play HFO-based power plant containers of capacity 4MW.

Replacement of Inefficient 580,000 kcal/hr Burner

  • Repair, replacement, and maintenance are important for energy saving and conservation. MMG Engineering recently replaced an inefficient 580,000 kcal/hr burner at a Thermic Oil heater with a new dual fuel burner at a leading edible oil refinery.

Designing a Pressurized Automated booster System 

  • MMG’s design team spearheaded the design of a pressurised automated booster system to meet the water demands of the fabric processing unit. Their daily water demands are around 1.5M gallons per day. 
  • Automated booster systems eradicate the need for expensive overhead tanks to store water. The separate booster systems are designed for KDA and RO water to meet the requirements.

Our Goals For 2023

  • In 2023, MMG Engineering will continue to strive to improve our services and continue our progress to reduce negative environmental impact.
  • The company will go above & beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and timely execution of deadlines. It will also continue creating an environment that nurtures employee satisfaction, creativity, and teamwork.