Company Newsletter – January ‘23

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MMG Engineering closed 2022 on a great note, with exceptional projects under our belt. As we enter 2023, our core vision of furthering the development of sustainable energy sources and our resolution to provide extraordinary services to our clients remains steadfast.

We at MMG Engineering have provided our esteemed clients and partners with state-of-the-art energy and engineering solutions while remaining mindful of their harmful effects on the environment. This is why, among our other incredible projects, we are most proud of having completed a total of 150 MW Renewable Solar PV projects.

As we are considerably sensitive about climate change and waste minimization, given our ideology, our teams go to great lengths and make strides to keep abreast of the latest developments in the energy business and sustainable power solutions. We keep all of this in mind while we craft the best possible eco-friendly solutions to our client’s requirements. For nearly 30 years, we have built a loyal and satisfied clientele.

Meetings and Presentations Regarding Sustainable Energy Solutions

  • Our research team presented an energy transition model that functions as a renewable hydrogen generator through electrolysis, energy transportation, and storage.
  • Our team had a dynamic discussion on MEP design with one of Pakistan’s top denim exporters: LEED Garment Unit, Lahore.

A Heat Recovery System At A Towel Plant

  • We at MMG Engineering have completed the installation of a heat recovery system at a towel plant.
  • This groundbreaking system works towards reducing heat waste and carbon footprint by capturing high-temperature energy from the wastewater drain of towel dyeing machines.

The Installation Of A State-Of-The-Art Treatment Plant

  • As reducing our carbon footprint is our top priority, MMG Engineering successfully completed selecting, installing, and operating a state-of-the-art water treatment plant to recycle wastewater for one of Pakistan’s top exporters.

Delivery of Successful Gas Turbine System

  • MMG Engineering once again proves our prowess in power generation.
  • We designed, supervised, and implemented a successful gas turbine system to meet the steam and power demands of the processing industry.
  • Our teams also perform regular check-ups and evaluations to ensure it runs optimally.

Designing a State-Of-The-Art Utilities System

  • Our teams at MMG have made strides in the weaving industry by pioneering an efficient and state-of-the-art utility system for sizing machines.
  • Through the use of preservative sizing agents, we ensure top-notch quality in our final products. Our cylinder driers achieve uniform and sufficient drying. Our teams regularly evaluate these functions to ensure proper functioning,