Company Newsletter – October ‘22

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At MMG Engineering Associate, we’re constantly playing our part in building a more sustainable world by developing and providing efficient energy and engineering solutions to meet our client’s needs. Our firm has been on a journey for 28 years to fulfill our commitment to better energy and resource conservation in everything we do. We continue to stand for our mission– to shape a better world and reduce waste. We stay ahead of the curve by remaining up to date on the latest developments in the energy industry.


  • MMG wrapped up a project with one of Karachi’s finest textile companies. The project centered on the fabric process department’s energy management and process optimization. On average, 3.5-4.0 million kg of fabric is processed monthly. The process department is a significant steam consumer, using up to 80%-85% of the total generated steam. Our prioritization led to a substantial saving of steam, i.e., 1 kg of steam per kg of fabric.
  • MMG’s recommendation of installing condensate return (Ogden) water pumps at a leading textile mill in Pakistan produced high-quality hot water. The pumps installed at the major steam-consuming machines with indirect steaming provision (coil arrangement) have consistently provided up to 35% hot water. This project is implemented on vital steam-consuming machines, and the system runs satisfactorily.
  • MMG Engineering firmly believes that the transition to green energy is an investment in our future. This is why we have been working consonantly on the ongoing 5MW PV system project at Naveena Steel Mills. This will be immensely beneficial as it will cut down the energy cost and carbon footprint on a vast scale.
  • MMG Engineering proudly states that on October 16th, we installed 3 TPH waste heat recovery boilers at Premium Textile Mills Ltd. As energy retainers, we aim to step towards an efficient CHP system.
  • MMG Engineering successfully installed and commissioned the 3.5 TPH WHRB and the thermal heater at Artistic Milliner Unit 17 Powerhouse. We are proud to be a part of this project as this will recover steam exhaust and reduce carbon footprint.


  • The MMG Engineering team visited the TV solar project implementation.
  • Our engineers also visited Ahmed Fine Textile Mills in Qadirpur Rawan, Multan. They reviewed the electrical installation and the work done at the site with the customers. The team discussed various aspects of execution works to ensure timely completion.


  • MMG Engineering understands the importance of green energy. It is not only vital for the planet, but the reduction of pollution and climatic effects alone can save up to $4.2 trillion per year by 2030. We’ve published an explanatory article on the changes we can make for expanding power supply alternatives and efficient, dependable renewable technologies.
  • We also shared an impactful article on the significance of heat recovery systems. It is an investment for a better future, ranging from reducing carbon emissions flexibility to energy independence.