Energy Generation with an Unmatched Vision

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“My vision has been to create an energy efficient and sustainable world for generations to come,” says Muneer Godil, Owner and Managing Director, MMG Engineering.

MMG has been in the industry for 28 years, catering to the needs and challenges of the 21st century and providing everyone with energy-efficient solutions. Starting in 1994, MMG originated in Pakistan as MG Associate, a proprietary company, consulting in power generation and electrical systems. As time passed and the needs of the market changed, MG Associate became a partnership company, and soon transformed into a Pvt. Ltd business. MMG shifted from just power generation and electricity to mechanical and thermal fields, quickly delving into the world of air conditioning.

MMG has completed more than 700 megawatts in terms of their work. Working mainly with the private sector, MMG deals in industries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, hotels, and even the textile business. A big part of energy generation at MMG is through cogeneration, the combination of using heat and power (CHP). Almost 500 megawatts out of 700 have been owed to cogeneration. As far as its thermal experience goes, MMG Engineering has worked in the field of boilers, biomass, coal, and combinations of the three.

The company is cognizant of the role it must play toward global health and is committed to making the world a better place. Water conservation, water treatment and recycling plants, and new energy technologies are just some of the many environmental sustainable solutions that MMG is involved in. It is stepping into energy generation through wind, which is one of the most sustainable sources of creating energy. A wind-based project is in the works and is set to launch in the next couple of years.

The shift to solar energy in the world has been revolutionary, and MMG has swiftly become a part of this change. In the past two years, almost 150 megawatts have been completed in solar energy. Moreover, traditional energy generation methods often generate waste heat. In MMG projects, this waste heat is being controlled using ORC technology to further care for the planet, wherein low-grade heat is utilized rather than letting it go.

MMG consists of enthusiastic and experienced employees who are always willing to learn more and grow as individuals. Managing, operating, and keeping costs low when it comes to energy are all things that MMG is an expert at thanks to its excellent employees.

As the world moves forward, MMG Engineering will continue to shape itself to take on every leading technology globally. The company always has and always will strive to cater to the people the best that it can in accordance with international standards, providing state-of-the-art energy solutions to everyone.