Electrical Works

MMG Engineering provides professional and affordable electrical engineering services for power distribution systems. We provide consulting engineering and design services for new installations as well as existing up gradation power system. The highly trained consultants of MMG Engineering serve power organizations, private utilities, commercial and industrial clients.Our expertise in power generation, transmission and distribution in low, medium and high voltages well provide proven engineering solution in projects of varied complexity.

Additional engineering consulting services include onsite/standby generation, underground/overhead distribution feeders, dedicated substations, small power distribution, lightening design, HVAC/Fire protection, and ELV system which includes CCTV, Public Address, IT, Structure Cabling, BMS for Utilities for commercial and industrial facilities of all types. Especially software used for short circuit and coordination studies, expertise in the design of complex grounding systems at substations and power plants, and familiarity with state of art relay protection schemes give MMG engineers an edge in the electric utility sector.


Electrical Consultant

Electrical Consultant

Every single business sets up an office at some point during its growth. From there, it may evolve to have warehouses, factories, production units, or other similar buildings. This is where electrical consultants come in handy.

An electrical consultant helps companies lead their electrical plants by consulting them on priorities. Does a company want to save electricity? Does it want to be more efficient? Does it want to use cleaner and greener means of generating electricity?

Electrical consultants use their skills and knowledge and involve themselves in technical objects such as combustion controllers, operation controllers, and work motors. They also work as coordinators and administrators for civil and electrical workers and organize fields to execute electrical plans properly.

Generally, consultants do not work alone. They work with a team of other electricians and oversee their planning, ensuring that their ideas will map out practically off the paper. This can make their job a bit challenging, but if you hire the right electrical consultant, they will ensure everything is going smoothly.

Electrical consultants are responsible for a number of things, such as the direction and administration of research and development related to control technology, the creation of electrical systems, and the like. They may also have to provide training to the staff that works under them, for example, by assisting them with ongoing projects.

The responsibilities of electrical consultants go beyond just electrical engineering. They may also need to communicate with different vendors of equipment in order to resolve issues concerning the status, figure, and choice of equipment.

Safety and precautions must always be a priority. Consultants must put forth health and safety regulations and practices regarding electrical machinery such as transformers, switchgear, generators, and inverters.

While hiring an electrical consultant, make sure they can back up their claims with their skills and previous work experience. Don’t just believe what their CV or resume states. Always do background checks on companies they have previously worked with and the quality of consultation they have provided.

Degrees are essential and may only ever be overlooked if consultants have adequate work experience to show for it and/or have other similar technical diplomas that they have completed. Besides just knowledge, consultants should also be good at communication, as they will likely work closely with others.

The best consultants think out of the box. Every company is different; therefore, the solutions needed to tackle their problems will also be different. This results in electrical consultants having to be quick thinkers with creative ideas!

Whether you’re a business owner or in the construction business, it’s best to hire electrical consultants to go through plans proposed by your engineers. They can help create an energy-efficient system and train staff to independently take on bigger and better projects.