Company Newsletter – November ‘22

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For almost 3 decades, we at MMG Engineering have been a forerunner in developing and delivering sustainable energy solutions and educating ourselves on the new developments in the energy industry. We have stayed true to our word and provided high-quality energy services and engineering solutions to our clients while also being mindful of the impact of energy on the climate and the environment. Our highest priority is to fulfill our responsibility of keeping heat and carbon waste to a minimum. Our state-of-the-art solutions and innovative projects are a testament to our credibility. We work while keeping our responsibilities in check and tailoring our solutions to each client’s needs and budget.

Attending Online Seminars

  • At MMG Engineering, we highly value educating ourselves and providing the best quality training to our employees and associates. As the world is becoming increasingly digital, we held an online training seminar. The objective was to ensure that our team’s skills and knowledge were at par with global industry leaders’.

Research and Projects

  • At MMG Engineering, our labs consistently experiment with developing better and more sustainable energy sources. An energy transition model presentation was held to display renewable hydrogen generation from the electrolysis process. 
  • MMG Engineering is working with one of the largest steel manufacturers on an energy conservation project. We are studying and analyzing their steel cooling water pumps to develop solutions for energy conservation and reduced power consumption.
  • Our team of associates visited Sunridge Foods Lahore Mill to work on an electro-mechanical energy conservation project and to install their solar power units. Solar power significantly reduces the dependence on fossil fuels to generate electricity and therefore has a vital role in energy conservation.

Designing of Effective Firefighting System

  • MMG Engineering designed an intricate and smoothly functioning firefighting system for a 300,000 ft2 double-story processing mill. This system was designed while keeping the requirements of NFPA in consideration. This was to ensure compliance so that the necessary certifications may be procured. 

Towel Dyeing Setup

  • MMG Engineering has completed one of its best projects yet with the towel dyeing set up in the northern region. This setup was complete with solar PV units as well as mechanical and electrical plumbing (MEP) and combined heat and power system (CHP). 
  • This project is self-sustaining as this setup gathers energy from a source and converts it into electricity for its functioning. It is a prime example of the innovative design and setups we are proud of creating at MMG Engineering.