Gastech Hydrogen Exhibition & Conference

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Held at Fiera Milano in Italy from the 5th to the 8th of September, 2022, Gastech Hydrogen was an exhibit with numerous conferences revolving around the significance of hydrogen for the energy industry. It was co-hosted by Baker Hughes, an oil industry company; Tellurian Inc, a natural gas company; Chevron Corporation, an energy industry company; and Eni, an oil and gas company.

The exhibition allowed companies to safeguard their position in regard to hydrogen-related ambitions, while allowing businesses to secure investors for the future. Exhibitors had the platform to display their innovations, while delegates had the opportunity to hear from experts in the field.

Gastech Hydrogen was attended by 38,000 international attendees, and our Managing Director, Mr. Muneer Godil, was one of these people. More than 750 international companies from 60+ countries were part of the exhibition. 180 of the speakers were prominent ministers and CEOs. Other speakers included technical and financial experts from the energy sector.

Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, Secretary General of OPEC, stated, “Hydrogen will deliver a clean integrated and a multisector systems approach that will become an integral part of the energy mix.”

There was a Low-Carbon Solutions Zone, which aimed to find answers to the energy problem through lesser use of carbon, by the cross collaboration of multiple industries. Another zone was the Shipping and Marine Zone, which highlighted marine logistics and transportation in an eco-friendly manner. The EPC and Gas Processing Zone dealt with the production of biomethane, and solutions about processing gas.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Munir Godil, was received by Baker Hughes at Gastech, where he discussed sustainable introduction of hydrogen in Pakistan through ammonia-based solutions in order to reduce carbon emissions. Ways to improve the production of hydrogen for industrial uses were also discussed, such as blending hydrogen and natural gas together in calculated proportions. With a bit of modification, this can prove to be substantially monumental for Pakistan.

Mr. Munir Godil met representatives from Hanwha, one of the leading specialist companies for carbon dioxide solutions. Heat recovery processes and compression systems for gas and air were talked extensively about. Mr. Godil also spoke to people from Cannon Bono Energia, where he discussed the prospects of improving currently-used gas boilers and thermal heaters by using hydrogen instead of natural gas. From the automobile industry, our Managing Director met Rolls Royce representatives and spoke about operating traditional gas engines on hydrogen technology instead.

Amongst other things, discussions regarding using a small electrolysis module for Pakistan with the capacity of 300 m³/h were projected to be beneficial for industrial use. Mr. Munir Godil also attended a couple of technical sessions headed by leading speakers, about the transportation of RLNG (regasified liquefied natural gas), hydrogen, as well as ammonia. Transporting green sources of energy is proving to be one of the biggest issues in the global

energy landscape. The Gastech conference was a great experience for our Managing Director, and will help in shaping the future of MMG Engineering.